Competition Teams

Big/Lil Sis/Brother Gift Exchanges will be: 1. Christmas Party 2. Dress Rehearsal 3. Recital 4. Nationals

January 28th Team Dress Rehearsal

We are open to ideas and suggestions as far as fundraising and teambuilding outings go, please contact us with suggestions!​​​​​​​
**We do offer different fundraisers to competition team members to help with the cost.
​​​​​​​Mark your calendar for this year's convention tentatively on Sunday, November 6th.
Miami Valley Dance Teacher Association Dance Convention offers 1 dance convention per year. This is a MANDATORY event for all dance team members to attend. It will be an all-day event.
*The cost is included in the team fee.

​​​​​​​Parent Meetings
We have parent meetings via Facebook every other month, starting in October.
​​​​​​​DANCE TEAM 2023
3/3-4 Spotlight in Dayton, OH
3/10-12 Imagine in Wilmington, OH
4/14-16 VIP in Dayton, OH
4/28-30 NexStar in Wilmington, OH
7/8-12 VIP Dance Nationals in Sandusky, OH

BATON TEAM 2023​​​​​​​
1/29 Urbana JH
2/12 Edgewood Middle School
3/26 Edgewood Middle School
4/23 Edgewood Middle School
5/6-7 State Comp at Hobart Arena
6/17 Regionals at Edgwood High School
*Regional Competition Dates will be posted sometime in September/October with locations.
These usually are in the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus area.
Baton and Dance Nationals are usually out of state and in driving distance.

Inspiring our students to work together and be cofident young individuals; all the while becoming stronger members of our community and dance family.
​​​​​​​**If you are interested in joining our teams please contact us!

Past Seasons

2021-2022 season ended with a No Limit run to Imagine Dance Nationals in Hershey, PA! It was the farthest we have ventured together and it was well worth the trip. We are thankful to share these experiences with our dance family and look forward to the future as our minis grow up and all of our teams grow!
2020-2021 was a return season worth waiting for. The year started out a new normal then came full circle to end with nearly regular Nationals for our Baton teams in May and fully regular Nationals for our Dance teams in June. We would like to thank everyone who stood by and supported us through another ever changing year!
2019-2020 was not the season any of us expected. We started the season strong but were unfortunately unable to complete it due to the pandemic. Thank you to everyone who stuck it out with us through this strange and unpredictable season.
2018-19 season we ventured to Sandusky, OH for the Showstopper Nationals at Kalahari. 
It was another great adventure!


2017-18 season we traveled to Gatlinburg, TN for the Nexstar Nationals and had an amazing finish to an amazing year. 

Each year we strive to grow and learn as dancers and teachers! 
Thank you everyone who was a part of the past year(s).

*Professional photos by Better Images.